Four Quick Tips for Encouraging Others.

Annual evaluations are often dreaded by employees. Ideally, there should be no surprises because the manager / supervisor / boss and employee have communicated frequently and celebrated success or learned from failures throughout the year. Unfortunately, there are situations in which good performances are overlooked and mistakes are routinely highlighted. When a raise is attached to the evaluation, anxiety increases in the absence of good communication.

Despair runs rampant when people are not appreciated or acknowledged.  Two types are needed:  1) appreciation for what is done (action), and 2) affirmation for who they are (character).encouragement

It is easy to recognize how valuable this is at the workplace. It is no less important with family and friends or among volunteers at church…perhaps it is even more critical.

Recently, I came across this quote by Leith Anderson (on a flip calendar of all places) and recognized that these simple suggestions could instantly encourage and uplift others.

“People need to be encouraged. Here’s the challenge:

  1. Send an e-mail this week that the recipient will not delete.
  2. Send a note in the mail that will be saved for years.
  3. Leave an encouraging voice mail that will be saved for a long time.
  4. Go up to someone and just do whatever you can to encourage as an expression of Christian love.”

The list is so simple, but the effect could profoundly change someone’s outlook. I have been on the receiving end of each of these suggestions and remember how effective it was to brighten my day.

Consider making this a weekly assignment.