Awesome…and then some.

hello I'm awesomeJen Hatmaker recently posted an “awesome” blog about New Year’s Resolutions. Her approach was so freeing and possible. Finally, a resolution list that can be successfully applied.

The Thing About Being More Awesome…

“It’s that lovely time of year when short-lived best intentions quickly give way to self-loathing.Happy New Year, y’all!Like my favey-fave-favorite Anne Lamott’s therapist asked her after disclosing her New Year’s Diet Plan: “Oh, that’s nice, honey. How much weight were you planning on gaining?” Delightful. $150 for that acute observation.

Me on New Year’s Day. Apparently my plan is to EAT ALL THE FOOD.
And also, CARB LOAD.
It’s not all bad, this New Year’s Resolution (NYR) business. There is not one thing wrong with improvement or kicking a bad habit or finally tackling some elusive challenge or throwing away all the mismatched socks in the house once and for all (CAN I GET AN AMEN??).But maybe your NYR takes on a more ominous tone like mine, and it sounds less like let’s take first steps toward that dream or I want to start painting this year and more like BE ENTIRELY MORE AWESOME…”

Click HERE to read full article.

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