3 Prayers that will Change Your Day – reprinted from Mary DeMuth

I have recently become acquainted with the ministry of Mary DeMuth. I first became acquainted with her through twitter and then her blogs. I now look forward to hearing from the heart of this woman who lives a live of open transparency before God, admits she needs his help to live as Christ commands, and offers me regular doses of hope.  This arrived in my email box recently and I hope you find encouragement from her words…Colleen

“I love to pray for people, particularly strangers. I had the opportunity to pray for a man I’d never met this last Sunday. I walked past him in church, and Jesus clearly burdened me for him. At first I walked away, not wanting to look ridiculous. But then I knew I had to turn around and pray. So I asked him if I could pray for him, and he said yes. He shared about a wayward family member. I sat next to him and prayed. Then I thanked him and walked away. I felt lighter after that moment, not for my sake, but for his.

Here’s my gift for you. May these prayers become yours. May they hit both the heart of God and your heart. And if you feel a friend needs one of these prayers, feel free to forward this to them

praying baby

3 Prayers that Will Change Your Day


A Prayer for those grieving:

Jesus, we seem to face far too much loss these days. In times like those, we choose to rest our heads on your sacred shoulders. Weep alongside. Lift our heads. Rejuvenate our vision. Bring us back to a place of play. Of wonder. This world is dark, but we recognize right now, in this moment, that You are glorious light. Please, please shine down on us so we can see You at work. Replace our mourning with dancing. Hold our hands, our hearts, our dreams. Amen.

A prayer for those overwhelmed:

Jesus, we want to have a less hectic life. We’re tired. So tired. Life feels like an out of control carnival ride, dipping, careening, swaying. We want to get off and rest! Help us this week to find ways to do just that. Bring respite and quiet where there’s chaos and hollering. May You become our haven, our settled place. Forgive us for preferring hurry to You. Forgive us for giving into worry instead of choosing to give You every single stress. We need time, Jesus. Time to reflect, rest, and rejuvenate. And we trust You to provide it. Amen.

A prayer for those who are broken:

Jesus, please be with my friend reading this prayer. You know every wound, every joy, every fear, every dream. Heal old wounds. Heal new wounds. Rejoice alongside. Alleviate every haunting fear. Fulfill God-sized dreams in Your timing (and help us be patient in the waiting). Help us all to see the power of Your resurrection this month. Give us eyes to see where new life springs in our hearts. Rejuvenate when we’re weak. We need You Jesus. Amen.”

Every one of us knows someone who could benefit from these prayers – adapt and use them to take your cares and concerns to the throne of our loving Father in heaven…then watch Him work!

If you want to begin receiving monthly encouragement from Mary DeMuth, please click here to visit her website…be blessed!

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