Mother’s Day – Joy AND Pain

On Mothers Day, some women will be celebrated and have a joy-filled day with their own mothers or being honored by their offspring. Flowers will be purchased by the dozen, restaurants will provide the meal, and gifts will be given to honor the occasion.

thinking of youHOWEVER for many women, this day will be filled with pain as they remember a mother or child who is no longer with them. Others will be painfully reminded of their infertility. Some will hurt because their prodigal won’t  or can’t come home. The recent recovery of three girls in Cleveland reminds us of the countless mothers who don’t know where their children are because their children are lost to criminal activity.

I know women in each of these categories and many others. Mother’s Day isn’t always anticipated as a joyful occasion.

Recently, I came across a link in a tweet about the wide spectrum of mothering and in reading this blog from 2012, I realized the message is timeless and bears reading.

Amy Young penned an open letter to pastors reminding them of the pain in their pews and giving a few pointers to assist them in preparing for this day.  PLEASE take the time to read this post in its entirety.

I have added her pdf “The wide spectrum of mothering” to this post. I believe you will find comfort here and realize that mothering is a lot more complex than we envision – I have yet to see greeting card companies create a suitable card for some of these situations, yet these women will be in our pews on Mother’s Day…and the next Sunday.

If you know someone who faces this day with a touch of pain – offer a bit of grace and mercy and a word of hope while praying for her situation.

The wide spectrum of mothering (resource)

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