Best Friends…and Coma Buddies

best-friends-bestfriends-bff-hands-isidora-leyton (1)Can you recognize the different levels of friendship that exist among women?

Acquaintances are those we recognize because of familiarity.  They are checkers, waitresses, co-work

ers, and others we see on a regular basis because of their vocation or location.  We may even chat with them and know superficial facts such as their name.  Occasionally, we know a little about their families, but rarely do we know their unmet dreams or frustrations. You have a “face to face” relationship with them…you briefly talk about casual and everyday things.

Friends have moved beyond the acquaintance stage and are people we know more about. We remember the names of their kids or parents, where they have lived, their schedules, and socialize with them frequently.  We hear about their dreams and frustrations, and they know ours.  You walk “side by side” with them because you are sharing life with them and/or have common purposes or goals.  It is a deeper level of friendship.

Best Friends, however, are not as plentiful and worth the time to develop.  No longer “face to face” or “side by side,” these relationships are “back to back.”  They have your back and you have theirs.  There are clues to identifying who these individuals are.

  1. They know names and dates that are important to us.  Not only do they remember our birthday, they remember dates that aren’t so happy and continue to offer support when it rolls around again.
  2. They will really listen when you talk and offer encouragement.  But, they love you enough to tell you the truth…even when it involves clothes that are unflattering or attitudes that need adjusting.  If you have sin in your life, they will confront it.  And you would do the same for them.
  3. Not only do they help us move, they offer to pack, clean the new place and volunteer to paint  (more than once if the color isn’t right the first time).
  4. They know where the spare key is hidden (or have one) and will feed your pet, pick up your mail, take over meals, babysit your kids…whatever is needed, whenever it is needed.
  5. You can call them in an emergency no matter what time it is and they will answer and/or come over.

If you are blessed to have at least one of these women in your life, consider making them a “coma buddy.”  If you are unfamiliar with this level of friendship, there are some benefits every woman will realize.

You mutually agree to provide the following should one of you become comatose:

  • make sure manicures and/or pedicures are current.
  • keep teeth brushed…and perhaps apply a little lipstick (if allowed)
    • …and blush if needed.
  • MOST IMPORTANT – pluck the chin hairs and extra facial hair!

I recommend everyone find a coma-moustache buddy. Now, before it's too late!