Scenic Drive…or…Interstate

My husband and I recently came home from a 10 day road trip throughout the southwest United States.  We visited Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.  One of our goals was to visit some of the national parks and other highlights in those states.  The first and last day of the trip involved driving very long distances so that we could spend the majority of time sight-seeing on the days in between.  While we did have a basic strategy about which parks to visit and when, we also allowed time in our schedule for alternate plans.

scenic routeOne of the things we had time to do was to take the scenic route rather than the interstate all the time.  Certainly, we could have gotten places faster by taking the main roads, but we would have missed some really great views if we hadn’t gone off-course on purpose.  On these roads, we experienced less congestion, fewer signs of civilization, and more unique settings for pictures.  We were relaxed and inspired by the natural beauty of the landscape.

I don’t know about other women, but I don’t go “off-road” often enough. In the haste of getting things done, I don’t consider taking the slow route…it seems too inefficient.

With Christmas approaching, it is tempting to join in the hustle and bustle of the holidays as we try to cram every possible holiday event into an already crowded schedule.  What I hope to “add” to this holiday season are more intentional side trips.  I can choose to bypass the traffic jam of trying to do “more” and take the route of “less.”  It’s a slower drive, but the benefits are worth the investment of time.  This could be the most relaxing Christmas and include the best memories and pictures!